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Learning with Knowledge Hub is fun and addictive. Earn points for the right answers, race against the clock, and level up. 

What makes us better/special?

1. Personalized Learning - Knowledge Hub understands your learning styles and then adapt to them accordingly. Exercise ranging from easy level to difficult so that children can review their performance and vocabulary.

2. Receive immediate grading - Instantly see which answers you get right. When you miss a test or challenge. We suggest you ways by which you can improve your performance

3. Stay motivated with rewards - With every right answer, you earn virtual coins which further unlocks new levels. This keeps you motivated and better with every passing day

4. Boost your learning with Knowledge Hub plus - Learning a language in Knowledge Hub is completely free. 


1. French - French is spoken by 220 million people on all 5 continents.

2. German - German is the most spoken first language in Europe.

3. Spanish - Spanish is the most popular foreign language in the U.S, Europe, and Canada. 

4. Italian - Over 65 million people in the World speak Italian

5. Japanese - There are around 125 million Japanese speakers, the majority in Japan with small proportions in Brazil and the United States. 

6. Arabic - Arabic has sounds that don't exist in other languages. 


Our Vision

To assist every student in Foreign Language Training, be it for National or International requirements. Knowledge Hub works to aid them, achieve the goals and alleviate their performance to get high grades in IDP, JLPT, GOTHE, IELTS, TOEFL, etc

1. A better understanding of spoken skills

2. Speak more confidently. 

3.  Have a deeper knowledge of the Structure of Grammar


In this COVID 19 pandemic, we are adhering to the Government and WHO guidelines and conducting classes online but we promise quality education. 

Our institute is known for having highly qualified teachers and a 100% result.